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We have updated FLARE (V1.5)

2017-02-02 12:35:02 by fodormartinb

We would like to inform you that we released a new iteration (V1.5) of FLARE.
If you enjoyed the game, and have any feedback or suggestion, be sure to leave it as a comment so that we can progress in consideration of the playerbase`s opinion.


- Score System is introduced
(Survive as long as you can and gain points by absorbing Solar Energy, warning, direct damage to your planet results in loss of points.)
- Local High Score is now stored in the current session.
( Current highest, and overal highest score is displayed at the end scene.)
- Introduction scene moved to Tutorial tab.
- Panels now repair themselves if there is enough resource available.
- Fixed a bug causing the game to multiply the timer under which the player had to survive.
- Fixed a bug when Solar Flares stopped coming after more sessions.


Again, Thank You for your feedback and we hope you enjoy the game!



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2017-02-02 12:58:34

Great! :^)